Students with diverse needs


Eumundi State School shares the departments' vision in regards to inclusive education. Students receive the support they need to belong to the school community, engage purposefully in learning and experience success in line with their potential: Students experience this by participating in learning, alongside their similar-aged peers, supported by reasonable adjustments and teaching strategies tailored to meet their individual needs. Reasonable adjustments are made based on the student's individual learning requirements and are different in each classroom and for each student according to their different strengths and needs. Inclusion is embedded in all aspects of school life, and is supported by culture, policies and every day practices.

Diverse learners are supported in range of ways to enable access and participation in education. The school is resourced with an expert teaching team who have additional access to Learning Support, Inclusion Teachers, Guidance Officer, Chaplain, additional regional supports and visiting staff. New or changing student presentation may be referred to the Student Support Services Team. Student Support Services Team is accessed via a referral process where a collaborative approach identifies and responds to the needs of students who may require additional assessment and or intervention to overcome barriers to learning. Class teachers will discuss referral needs with parents and access permission before proceeding.

​​Extension for identified  students is catered for by the provision of enrichment programs within their own class, or within specially organised programs in the Learning Areas of English and Mathematics. Identified children also have opportunities to participate in activities and competitions conducted both on and off campus.

Support Services

At Eumundi State School we recognise that, for a variety of reasons, students may require some level of support in one or more areas whilst attending this school. 

Eumundi State School provides the following student support services:

  • Guidance

  • Speech Language

  • Learning Support

  • Disabilities Support

  • Prep – 3 Connect Program

  • Chaplaincy

  • Extension maths

  • Extension writing

  • The Referral Process

A referral can be made by staff, teachers or parents.

  1. Referral forms are available from the main office.

  2. Referrals are presented at Student Support Team Meetings (SSTM) held fortnightly.

  3. Parents are notified of the recommendations made at the SSTM.

  4. The person in charge of each of the above support services will follow the recommendations made by the SSTM and liaise with the referred student’s classroom teacher, parent/s and other outside agencies as required.

  5. The referred student’s progress will be monitored by the classroom teacher.

  6. Parents are encouraged to be involved in this process, making regular ​appointments with their child’s classroom teacher to discuss their child’s progress.

Learning Support – Support Teacher (Literacy and Numeracy)

At Eumundi State School we recognise that students learn differently and at different rates. For a variety of reasons, a student may require some form of learning support during their primary years. 

Eumundi has a full time learning support teacher who provides three levels of support.

Level 1: Providing assistance in curriculum and teaching and learning strategies to help teachers cater for the learning needs of all students.

Level 2: Co-teaching and allocating additional support personnel to assist students who continue to have difficulty accessing the year level curriculum.

Level 3: Providing short-term intensive teaching to individual or small groups of students.

Last reviewed 19 October 2022
Last updated 19 October 2022