​​​Enrolment process - Prep students

We encourage parents as soon as possible to submit completed enrolment packages to our school.

The enrolment package contains several documents that need to be completed and signed by parents. For Prep applications, our 'Kindy to Prep Intake Information (PDF, 236KB)' also needs to be completed and returned with your application pack.

Completed enrolment applications can be returned to our office or emailed to

A member of our administration team will confirm with parents when your child's enrolment has been accepted. Parents will then be asked to attend an interview with your enrolling child and our school leaders.

Getting to know our school - positive transition from Kindy to the first year of school (Prep)

Our school has a number of 'transition to school' activities planned throughout the year and we encourage Kindy children and parents to join us for as many of the following activities as possible.

Enrolment packs also include a Parent Information Handbook​ with comprehensive information about our school.

Parents will continue to receive notifications and updates regarding transition events and plans, via our school's Admin/Office email once we have received your enrolment applications.

A. Enrolment Interviews 

Interviews will be scheduled after completed enrolment applications have been received by our office. Interviews with our school leaders are compulsory, and an important opportunity to share information about your child and our school. 

In 2023 interviews will also provide you and your child with an opportunity to meet other students and families. Interviews will be conducted with our school leaders in a group setting, with play activities for children, and time for our leaders and parents to discuss information about school. 

Individual interviews where identified or requested can also be arranged to discuss specific learning needs your child might have. 

B. Open Day and School Tour 

​Parents are invited to come to our Open Day and School Tour, and stay for a morning tea. The session is hosted by our Leadership Team and showcases the unique learning opportunities for students at Eumundi State School such as our Arts, Environmental, and STEAM programs.

2023 Open Day

​​​Open Day.jpg

C. Prep 'Open Classrooms' 

Parents with your Kindy child are invited to come and observe our Prep classes in action. This session provides opportunities for parents to talk with School Leaders and our Prep teachers about our school and Prep expectations, and to walk through and see our various classrooms.

2023 Prep 'Open Classrooms'

Tuesday 16th May (9 - 10:30am)

Tuesday 8th August (9 - 10:30am)​

D. Prep Orientation Sessions 

Parents with your prospective Prep students are requested to book your child to one of our orientation sessions (9 - 10:30am). The sessions, led by our Prep teachers, will be in the Prep classrooms, with other the Kindy kids and the classroom teachers. They are designed to give your child an opportunity to experience learning in the Prep classroom with our teachers and meet some of the other children coming to Prep. Parents join our school leaders while the session is being held to talk more about school expectations and questions parents may have about our school.

2023 Prep Orientation Sessions

Thursday 19th October (9 - 10:30am)

Thursday 26th October (9 - 10:30am)

Thursday 2nd November (9 - 10:30am)

Thursday 9th November (9 - 10:30am)

Thursday 16th November (9 - 10:30am)​

E. Kindy Playtime 

Our local Kindies are welcomed to bring their Kindy group to our school for a Prep classroom story and some outside playground time.

F. Individual Student Transition Program 

For students with specific high learning needs, difficulties or disabilities, we encourage additional time to meet with our P-2 Deputy and Head of Special Education Services to discuss activities and plans which may help support successful transition for these students and their families.

​G. Prepping for Prep Parent Network

Parents are invited to join our school's leadership team and staff at one of our various networking meetings. Our meetings are designed for parents to have an opportunity to meet other parents and explore understandings about school and Prep. Parents receive email invitations to the network meetings following submission to our school of completed enrolment forms.

About Prep

Primary school consists of Prep to Year 6. Prep is the first year of schooling in Queensland. It is a full-time, school-based program and has a defined curriculum. From 2017, it has been compulsory for all Queensland children to be enrolled at school starting in Prep.

The only exceptions to compulsory participation in Prep are where:
  • a child has undertaken education in another jurisdiction that is equivalent to Prep;
  • a child was registered for home education in the year prior to enrolment in a state or non-state school; or
  • the principal is satisfied the child is ready to be enrolled in Year 1 taking into account the child's attributes.

To enrol in Prep, children must be aged five years by 30 June in the year of proposed attendance. You can enrol your child in Prep by contacting the school directly, and you must provide proof of your child's date of birth (e.g. birth certificate, passport or visa). Early or delayed entry to Prep are options which may be considered in specific circumstances and where it is in a child's best educational interest. These options should be discussed with the principal.

Preparing for the first day at school

Think about how you can best prepare your child for the first day at school:

  • Have some practice runs before school starts and encourage your child to organise clean clothes, books and bag.

  • Be sure your child has a balanced breakfast and pack a healthy lunch and snacks.

  • Encourage your child to dress themselves. Look for clothes with easy fasteners.

  • Label all belongings and find out where lost property is held at school.

  • Avoid a rush. Leave home on time and allow time to say goodbye. At first you may stay a while to ensure your child feels secure. Once your child has settled in, a short and reassuring "goodbye" encourages independence.

  • Check what time schools finishes and arrive in plenty of time to collect your child, and show your child where they will be collected at the end of the day.

To determine if your child is eligible to enrol in prep please check the Education Queensland's online calculator.​

Last reviewed 13 February 2023
Last updated 13 February 2023