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​Year 3 to 6 Inter House Cross Country

At the conclusion of Eumundi State School’s Year Three to Six Inter House Cross Country held on Tuesday 19 March, Wattle house stormed home and claimed first place, edging out Banksia in what was a close finish.
Overall results were as follows:
  • 1ST PLACE:
  • 2ND PLACE:
  • 3RD PLACE:
  • 4TH PLACE:
Once again, congratulations to all students who took part on the day—your level of enthusiasm and effort was outstanding! Many thanks as well to all parents, grandparents and families who came to spectate and cheer on Eumundi students. And finally, thank you very much to all Eumundi staff that helped put the day to together and ensure everything ran as smoothly as possible. Extra special thanks to Mr Robinson for the assistance in setting up/packing up.
2019 Top Six Place getters for students born in 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 & 2007 were as follows:
Girls Born 2011 (8 Years)
Boys Born 2011 (8 Years)
Charlie D
Billy G
Annabelle E
Austin M
Aliza B
Harrison E & Cooper W
Molly B
Will D
Siahn B
Oscar R
Rylen F
Girls Born 2010 (9 Years)
Boys Born 2010 (9 Years)
Leila R
Zach H
Annie R
Cohen W
Allaiyah H
Lachlan N
Ava S
Tristan A
Zara P
Sean C
Meg B
Indie H
Girls Born 2009 (10 Years)
Boys Born 2009 (10 Years)
Georgia B
Jack S
Kiani B
Willoughby S
Sharyn K
Ben B
Ella H
Archie W
Tylah S
Jimi L
Indiana H
Kobe B
Girls Born 2008 (11 Years)
Boys Born 2008 (11 Years)
Lily S
Lui B
Eavan F
Zahn L
Senna G
Rhys L
Indigo S
Taj L
Evie M
Nathan H
Marlie C
Harper W
Girls Born 2007 (12 Years)
Boys Born 2007 (12 years)
Lexi S
Bowen A
Sophie J
Mali O
Maggie R
Micah S
Lucy O
Lily H
Max R
Sinead O
Sage F

2019 Eumundi SS Cross Country Age Champions

  • 8 YEARS GIRLS – Charlie D
  • 9 YEARS GIRLS – Leila R
  • 10 YEARS GIRLS – Georgia B
  • 11 YEARS GIRLS – Lily S
  • 12 YEARS GIRLS – Lexi S
  • 8 YEARS BOYS – Billy G
  • 9 YEARS BOYS – Zach H
  • 10 YEARS BOYS – Jack S
  • 11 YEARS BOYS – Lui B
  • 12 YEARS BOYS – Bowen A

2019 Noosa District Cross Country Trials

On Monday 29 April Noosaville State School hosted its second District Cross Country Trials. This year’s event attracted over 350 competitors across 15 affiliated schools within our District. Eumundi was represented by 33 students in the 10, 11 and 12 year old age groups. The courses provided a challenge for all runners. 10 year old runners needed to complete a 2km course, while 11 and 12 year old runners were required to run a 3km course.
Congratulations to Lily S, who finished in first place in the 11 year old girls division. Well done also to Lexi S in fourth place in the 12 year old girls division. Georgia B came in at fourth place in the 10 year old girls division and Lui B also did very well placing fourth overall in the 11 year old boys division. All of these students have qualified to represent Noosa District at the 2019 Sunshine Coast Regional Cross Country Trials held in Maroochydore on Tuesday 28 May. A full list of results/placing should be available by the next edition of the school newsletter.
Special thanks needs to go to Mr Kross and Mrs Goodall for their respective involvements in what was a great day of competition.
Finally, the Eumundi team was represented by the following students:
Girls - Lexi S, Maggie R, Lucy O, Lily H, Indiana H, Sophie J, Kiani B, Tylah S, Senna G, Indigo S, Marlie C, Eavan F, Ella H, Lily S and Georgia B. 
Boys – Sage F, Lui B, Max R, Bowen A, Mali O, Micah S, BJ H, Rhys L, Nathan H, Ben B, Kobe B, Zahn L, Harper W, Taj L, Jimi L, Willoughby S, Archie W and Jack S.
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Last reviewed 23 March 2020
Last updated 23 March 2020