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At Eumundi the primary focus of each classroom is to teach English and Mathematics. Please find below more detailed information on these two key learning areas: 



At Eumundi State School reading is an integral part of the curriculum, involving a wide range of strategies to interpret, calculate and appreciate written, visual and multimodal texts.

A consistent approach to pedagogy in reading is used across the school. The gradual release teaching instruction model includes-

  • I do -the teacher models the skills to be learnt, students watch

  • We do - shared instruction and teacher and student work together

  • You do - Guided practice as the students try the new skill

  • Independent - Students work alone and reflect

In 2014 all Year levels from Yrs. 1 -6 were introduced to a new digital resource, "Springboard into Comprehension" which focuses on reading comprehension skills eg. Main Idea, Compare and Contrast, Sequencing etc. The students are now also explicitly taught reading comprehension strategies, based on Sheena Cameron's text. eg summarise, questioning, inferring.


At Eumundi State School we believe that students learn to spell using the 5 spelling strategies.  These strategies are –

  • Inquiry

  • Phonological awareness

  • Visual

  • Meaning

  • Word building

Spelling is an integral part of our daily English lessons. The Eumundi spelling program for P-3 is based on the Australian Curriculum's descriptors. A diagnostic test is given to students at the beginning of the year so teachers can analyse students spelling knowledge.

Students have individual spelling words which are practised for weekly homework, as well as revised in classroom lessons.​


One successful resource which practises engaging and creative pedagogy for writing is “Seven Steps to Writing Success” by Jen McVeity.  This pedagogy is used at Eumundi to get the best results from our writers. This highly effective program breaks down the writing into 7 main skills. These skills include – Planning for success, sizzling starts, using tension and suspense, dynamic dialogue, making characters believable and only writing about exciting things with exciting endings. We want children to have a love of reading and enjoy reading each other’s written work.


At Eumundi State School the proficiency strands of understanding, fluency, problem solving and reasoning are an integral part of the mathematical content of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability.

Mathematics is taught for a minimum of 1 hour/day.  All year levels are using the resource “Curriculum into the Classroom” including the given assessment tasks in each unit.  Mathematics is  a key focus area for teachers, with most staff  having done the "First Steps in Mathematics" modules as professional development.