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Students in 4M have been studying language features in narratives. This week we looked at noun groups, powerful verbs and show,don’t tell.  The following students were given a simple sentence-
The shed was dusty.
They then had to transform the sentence so that it painted a picture for the reader.
Dust clung to every surface. Cobwebs hung from broken beams. Rats covered in soot scurried across the dirt floor. Darkness was approaching as I searched for the doorknob. When was I ever going to get out of here…
By Emily.B
The incredibly dusty 19th century shed was sitting there like a block of damaged debris. As I opened the door, a revolting smell made its way to my nose. A mouldy disgusting rat scurried across the barren floor.
By Oliver.H 
Crrrrreeeaaakkk! I pushed the tin door open. Poof! A wave of dust hit me. Instantly, a revolting smell started climbing up my nose. Was it dead rats or dead snakes? I couldn’t tell. Whatever it was. I couldn’t STAND it! Cobwebs slid onto my face. Rats creeped in the dark. I tried to squeeze through a thin passage without letting any mould or mist touching my body. I shivered. When would I get out…
Indigo. W