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Dig It! Term 2

Dig It!
It’s news from our ESS environment! 
Do you think that a garden is simply a collection of plants? Well, l would like to show you that gardens are in fact homes to all sorts of creatures, both big and small.
If you come down to the ESS Enviro garden, you will find large animals that you can hold, such as chickens, right through to micro creatures which are too small to see without a microscope, such as bacteria.
Large animals such as chickens as well as micro bats help keep the bug population down. Did you know a micro bat can eat up to 1000 mozzies a night? Chickens are also good ‘scratchers’ of soil and ‘cleaners’ of weeds.
Small animals such as compost worms and earthworms help break down waste and give nutrients back to the soil.  Small creatures such as beneficial bacteria live in and around the roots of plants, helping the plant absorb nutrients by making them plant friendly.  Medium sized Pythons, found in your garden, help by eating hungry rodents.
Other small animals such as insects can be considered either good or bad for the garden. Bad insects, such as aphids, eat the plants and spread disease. Good insects such as lady beetles (as well as frogs) will eat these bad bugs. Another small insect, the bee, is vital to have in our gardens because we need it to pollinate the flowers.
So, you see, a garden is more than just plants.  Keep a look out for creatures in the garden.
Latika , Dig It Reporter.