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Dig It!  It’s news from our ESS environment!  (T1,W2)
The Enviro Science gardens had a crop of green manure planted over the holidays.  This lush crop was cleared by Mr Gemmell and other gardeners and dug into the garden to make the soil fluffy and give it lots of nutrients.
The beds are looking a bit bare at the moment, waiting for the right time to plant the next vegetables.  Japanese millet is also being planted to keep the soil in place and stop it from drying out. 
Bananas have recently been harvested and they are being used by one lucky class to make banana muffins.  The citrus trees have new fruit setting on them and a crop of large Queensland Blue pumpkins are already being picked.  Mr Gemmell said to remember to leave a long stem so it doesn’t rot and then the pumpkin will keep for ages.  At the moment when you look out across the garden beds you will see lots of grass, however most of this is delicious lemongrass.
The Eumundi chooks are looking healthy but showing signs of malting which means that they are losing their feathers and will grow new ones back.  This takes a lot of energy and so they are not laying many eggs at the moment.  A group of Year 6 boys are looking after the chooks early in the morning before school, making sure they have grain and water.
Mr Gemmell runs a Garden Club for Year 3-6 students at Lunch on Monday and Tuesday.  They are enjoying tasks such as raking, watering and looking after the chooks.  A very big THANK YOU to Mr Scott for looking after the chooks over the school holidays. 
Latika K, 6S, Dig It Reporter.