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Chappy Sam Lego Competition

Welcome to Term 3 and what a great way to start off with our Annual Lego Display and Competition. This day would possibly have to be one of my favourite days. I love seeing the incredible creativity and hard work that has gone into making these wonderful creations. Listening to the students talk about how they made their creation, who they made it with and their stories is just heart warming. They have put so much effort into it. The winners will be announced at the next whole school parade, where they will receive a prize.
You may be wondering what a Lego display has to do with being a Chappy - and that’s a good point. I get to talk to the students about a range of subjects while we are running this day, from being encouraging of each other, having a go and how being creative is good for our wellbeing. This is one of my main points when I’m chatting with students: how can we use everyday things, such as building Lego to help us. What I found also when talking to students about building their Lego is that they ‘built it with their family’ – great for our wellbeing, ‘it was a challenge’ – great for our wellbeing, they were ‘creative’ – great for our wellbeing, and they were ‘inspired by others’ – great for our wellbeing. So it’s not just a chance to show off our Lego skills but a chance to build into our overall wellbeing while having fun.

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